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Beazer's Garden

PS 84 Garden Enrichment Workshops

Afterschool at PS 84

We serve PS 84 students from Kindergarten thru 5th grade.

Enroll your child 1-5 days a week, for the entire school year, or by individual Fall or Spring terms.

With an emphasis on having fun while learning, we offer interesting, age-appropriate activities that help kids discover how nature works and inspire them to lead healthy lives.



We do not offer refunds or price adjustments for cancellations after sessions start.
Garden afterschool is not in operation during school closings, or on early dismissal days.

We follow AccuWeather for updates and will inform families about potential program closing due to inclement weather through our WhatsApp group.

Our Afterschool Schedule

Monday – Friday
2:45PM -5:45PM
1st term- September 7 – February 2
2nd term- February 5 – June 26

A garden is active all year long and there are many fun and exciting projects even in the Fall and Winter months.

All classes have an indoor/outdoor component, where students learn about the topic of the day indoors with technology-supported lessons, and complete hands-on tasks outdoors.

Students Study:

2023-2024 School Closings

We follow the NYC public school calendar and are closed for school holidays, breaks and half-days.


Student Supply List

We provide Garden Gear for each student: Garden visors, aprons, tote bags, journals, and insect repellent bracelets are provided. We will keep their garden items at school, so they are not forgotten at home. If students take these items home, please remember to send them in for their next session.

Please make sure your child has:

Day to Day

The rooftop garden is an outdoor classroom. Please make sure your child has appropriate coverage for being in either chilly or warm weather conditions.

Your child will meet with our Garden instructors in the school cafeteria at day school dismissal.


Our program runs from school dismissal to 5:45pm.

We can accommodate early pickups at 4:30pm. Please arrange ahead of time with Ms. B by email.

Student Behavior Expectations & Consequences

The garden is a dynamic and active space, and student safety is one of our primary concerns.

As in our day school program, students are reminded of school and garden expectations, and of their responsibility to be kind, respectful, open-minded, ready to learn and have fun.


To ensure you child’s safety, if your child is absent from school or will not be attending our program that day, or if your child will be arriving late to our site, be sure to contact us beforehand to let us know not to expect them.


Beazer’s Garden Workshops is not responsible for administering any medication to your child. We ask that you refrain from packing medication of any kind, other than asthma inhalers (with a signed doctor’s note), with your child.

COVID-19 Precautions

We encourage children to give each other space even when working outdoors. We do not require children to wear a mask during garden program, but if you require your child to, please let us know.

All Beazer’s Garden Workshops instructors are vaccinated and closely adhere to the NYC Department of Health guidelines. All staff and participants will follow quarantine and proof of a negative test result in the event of a COVID-19 symptoms and diagnosis.


We want to ensure a safe environment for your child; however, accidents sometimes happen. For minor things such as scraped knees or a bump or scratch, we will treat the incident and record it in our injury log. All parents and caregivers will be given a copy of the incident report.

You will be notified about the minor injury and the type of medical attention that was given. In case of a serious medical or dental emergency, we will first call 911 for medical assistance, then notify you. If we cannot reach you, we will notify the emergency contact person designated on your application form.

Program Safety Plan

Evacuation and Relocation plan: In the event of a school evacuation, staff, equipped with parent and emergency contact information, will lead students out of the school to our designated relocation area, Central Park West, 96th Street entrance, depending on the situation. Caregivers/emergency contacts will be called directly by our staff.

Fire Drills and Lock Down Drill plan: As required by the school, our Staff will participate in fire drills conducted by the main afterschool program onsite and practice lockdown drills in afterschool from time to time (at least twice a term). They will follow the procedure as in day school and (1) shelter in place or (2) relocate to the nearest room to shelter until the drill (or actual emergency has passed).


We follow the PS 84 Handbook for Emergency school closings, Disasters and Fire Evacuation:

“School may be closed because of severe weather conditions. Information regarding school closing is provided in the following ways:

PS84 School App:

School Messenger: Automated phone calls to student homes on phone numbers listed on ATS

Local Media: Radio Stations; WABC, WNBC, WCBS, 1010WINS. Watch CABLE TV: NEWS

An automatic telephone messaging system will call each student’s home and a recorded message about the school closing will be transmitted electronically.”


Please call Ms. B, or an onsite afterschool garden staff member, or school security or the appropriate authority for your situation.

Child Abuse Prevention

We are mandated to report suspicion of child abuse to Child Protective Services.

Your Feedback Is Encouraged

Each semester we will provide you with an evaluation tool for you to assess our program performance. We encourage you to complete the evaluation at least once a year.

We look forward to seeing you in the garden!

Beazer’s Garden Urban Environmental Education Services is a registered 501c3 single-focus program afterschool provider.

EIN: 93-2221740

Contacting Ms. B & Afterschool Staff

If you have questions or concerns, you can reach Ms. B by email, by phone, or by making an appointment to Zoom or visit the school roof garden on Monday or Friday afternoons.

Email is one of the fastest, most effective, and environmentally friendly ways for us to communicate with you. Please add to your accepted email list.

Please do not rely on PS 84 School staff, garden volunteers or garden staff to get important information to Ms. B. It is best to leave a message or schedule an appointment.

Please bear in mind that Ms. B teaches Pre-k- 5th grade during the school day and then runs the afterschool program in the afternoon. She may not be able to answer or return calls immediately or meet with unscheduled visitors.

Phone: In Parent Handbook


Staff contact information is updated on the Padlet. When contacting, please CC or text all current staff including Ms. B so everyone is on the same page.
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