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A dayschool program for 6th-7th-8th grade students in Brooklyn, NY providing a garden/nutrition instruction and plant/care for their onsite garden

Students learn about seeds, plants, garden care and maintenance, harvesting and cooking healthy snacks and meals from what they grow in the garden.

From soil testing, seeding, tending, harvesting and cooking students will develop and understanding and appreciation for organic produce and its connection to our bodies and well-being. 


This school already had a long term connection to garden education through a strong PTA community and Administration support.

We helped custom design a 12-month, indoor-outdoor, integrated program to suit their educational goals.

By training their committed parent volunteers to teach content over time, we built up their capacity to provide classes for all their PreK-5th grade students during the school year. 

Through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) focused curriculum, integrating NY Learning Standards with gardening, ecology, nutrition, and sustainability tracks, students learn how to recognize and grow edible and ornamental plants, how the ecology of insects and animals affects plants, and how our built and natural environments work together.

We also trained parent volunteers to care for the garden during summer months;  started regular Garden Harvest Markets by increasing the efficiency and production of their 4000sq ft rooftop garden, now in it’s 5th year.

This project includes a year round garden plan and maintenance option.

Graham Windom- Manhattanville Community Center Afterschool Garden Club

Urban Agriculture connects and supports neighborhoods.

Our friends at this community center that provides services for people of all ages invited us to host a series of garden workshops for their middle school students during the summer.

Heat tolerant plants thrive in low moisture and high temps of our city streets. We guides students in tending the space as they learned about best practices for growing and eating organic food.

NYBG/CASA partnership w/ MS 45 & Bronx Charter School of Excellence 1

A partnership between Bronx City Council, NYBG and Beazer’s Garden to serve two middle schools in the Bronx.

One semester, elective style classes and two BGW educators to guide students in the science in plants.

Students were immersed in lesson planning, learning about the properties of soil and why healthy is important for our health. Students even took field trips to see how other gardens maintain plants.

AHRC Herbal Soapmaking Workshop

We LOVE working with our community partners. Like AHRC, a nationwide organization providing services for people with physical and developmental disabilities. Their dedicated staff assists clients in developing life skills in our fast-paced environments.

A local NYC branch wanted to bring an entrepreneurial and sensory aspect to their program, so invited us in for an herbal soapmaking workshop. We guided 15 of their staff and clients in making natural soaps that they will use for fundraising purposes.

Everyone enjoyed smelling the fragrant herbs and oils of Lavender, Lemonbalm, Mint, Rose, and Chamomile and came up with creative great scent and texture combinations for their soaps.

CCHR Staff Wellness Day Retreat- 1st & 2nd Annual

The New York City Commission on Human Rights works to inform on and enforce the laws affecting our human and civil rights. Not a light job.

The wonderful CCHR NYC management team reached out to us to assist with their Staff Wellness Day Retreat to provide a day of self care and relaxation for their hardworking staff. 

Environmental Education goes hand-in-hand with wellness and self-care, as, we are extensions of the planet. When one system is out of balance, it affects every other interconnected system. Therefore, even small acts to re-balance ourselves can have great and far-reaching effects!

Our educators guided group yoga sessions in the park, planting succulent companions to grow with at work or at home, participants also learned about the effects of essential oils to make aromatherapy stress relief sprays, and explored the power of native plants, with an herb walk and talk.

Some staff just came to relax with co-workers, play games, or lay in the grass under a shady tree and relax in beautiful NYC’s 3rd largest park, Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx (2022) and Corona Park, Queens (2023)!

P231k @ 180 School Garden Install and Workshops

What does a school do with grant funds for a garden project, with no school garden experience, and an 8-week deadline to complete the project? They call us!

A science teacher reached out to us, looking for help with a Department of Sustainability grant they had won.

We helped them implement a small school garden and conducted a 6 week series of workshops for their students.

All of our senses are engaged and we benefit from fresh air, physical movement, working with others to complete tasks, and observation of nature’s elements. Plus the ability to learn about, grow and eat fresh and healthy vegetables!

Students develop their connection to plants, the health of their bodies, and the well-being of the planet.

AMS II Charter School Educational Garden Re-design & Install

Projects are often started by school admin but sometimes teachers reach out for support.

Dedicated science and math teachers working to turn their neglected garden into a usable, active learning space.

We helped coordinate the project from start to finish. Listening to their goals to use the space for the instruction of Math, Science, and Language Arts, the design and plants selected will help the teachers manage the space while providing great hands-on opportunities for their students.Garden Planning & Installation Services.

The Brook Park Time Machine Curriculum Development

Partnering with the Visual Arts educational organization, Studio Rev, to create a curriculum of activities for a local community garden, looking to build on their educational connection to the neighborhood.

A grant for environmental art projects helped these organizations work together to teach visitors of the popular garden space about the interdependent relationship of our built and natural environments, through a theme of past, present & future.

What do we know about the history of our city environment? How have we affected native plant and animal species?

What can we do to help restore it? Join our conversation!

Kids in the Kitchen- School Nutrition Program

Our programs also incorporate teaching kids how to make healthy, delicious meals with the plants we grow and learn about!

We worked with this elementary school to guide 500 students, Kindergarten thru 5th grade, and created 4 seasonal cooking workshops!Students looked forward to learning new kitchen tools, learning varieties of fruits and vegetables, and ways to eat them.

Students received a newsletter recipe sheet with fun facts about plants and educational games.

We can help you design, install and maintain garden programs that fit your budget and space.

River Garden Tree Pit Project

Most people don’t know how important street trees are in keeping our air clean and beautifying an area.

There is direct correlation that many street trees are weak, damaged, and unable to function as they do as air purifiers and temperature regulators and that many Bronx (city) residents suffer from respiratory problems due to air pollution and other toxic factors.

Our friends at River Garden invited a learning work crew from Sustainable South Bronx to help  build and install tree pit guards. These protect trees from damage such as soil compaction, waste/pollution from dogs, and human vandalism, plus it improves the health of the tree which improves our health, air, and water quality.

Herbal Crafts Workshop

Two sweet, educationally curious, and energetic 2nd graders won the chance to have a private herbal workshop at their school.

They spent an hour drinking sun tea and making 4 plant-based crafts.

  • Herbal Drinking Teas– Assemble a blend of your favorite herbs in a food-grade pouch. Close tightly to steep it in warm water. Let cool before drinking. Enjoy!
  • Herbal Bath Teas– Assemble a blend of your favorite herbs in a pouch. Close tightly to steep it in a tub of warm water, and relax!
  • Tussie-Mussie– Used in the Middle Ages to mask odor and fend off illness. Choose from a variety of potent plant parts to keep you fresh.
  • Seed balls– made out of soil, clay, water, and seeds, this fun, and messy activity provides the opportunity for an instant garden wherever you throw them.

Montefiore Hospital Healing Arts Herbal Workshop Series

We conducted a 5-part herbal relaxation workshop series for the doctors, residents, staff, and visitors of Montefiore Hospital.

We showed them simple ways to relax with Lavender, Chamomile, Rose, Lemongrass, and Peppermint oils and herbs.

They took a break from their hectic day to learn how to use herbs and essential oils and made their own relaxing bath teas, drinking teas, and room sprays to take home.

how to make relaxing, sensory, herbal products that help us relax and restore ourselves.

PS 87 Bronx- Garden Install, 2nd Grade Curriculum & Workshops

It started with 45 students, 12 weeks, and a 15’x110’ strip of space. This 2-part project: (1) install and maintain a small garden space, (2) provide garden education workshops for 2nd-grade students.

From decomposers to soil composition, from seeds to seasons, from growing their own food to the interconnections of the ecosystem, students build new vocabulary, learn new skills and develop an appreciation for how plants grow and their role in making it happen.

We started with communication and goal setting with teachers. A series of lessons was created related to ELA/SS thematic units “Facing Challenges & Change”, “Scenes to reveal Point of view” and Science/Math units on plant science.

The 5th graders, ready to almost graduate but still wanting to contribute to their school started a school beautification project on school grounds.

“Urban Innovations supports people to connect and contribute to their home community of Harlem. We ally with people who have been segregated to deepen their connections in their community through work, learning, creativity, and contribution.”

We worked with their entrepreneurial program, talking to them about the differences between natural and chemical-based beauty products and how to produce them as a fundraising project for their organization.

PS 130 Bronx- 5th Grade Garden & Compost Instruction

We helped a public elementary school prep their garden plot in the Fall for planting in Spring, and they wanted to learn about compost.

60 5th grade students in a 7-week, push-in program during the school day.

Lessons on the built and natural environment and our need for both. Indoor/outdoor activities on weeds (the good and the bad), how seeds travel and grow, the in’s and out’s of composting and caring for an indoor worm bin, and how it benefits a garden by providing nutrients, prepared the student groups for a school presentation on how to care for a garden.

So much to learn from the soil!

After-school & Summer Eco Crafts with the White Plains Youth Bureau

A twice-a-week program for middle school students focused on teaching the value of recycling and sustainability, while learning to make natural craft items to give as gifts. 

Students created handmade soaps, dream catchers, keepsake boxes, and more in this semester-long afterschool program.

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