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Our journey starts here, together.

Our Programs

Outdoor Education and Gardening are powerful tools for learning.

Our comprehensive educational workshops are designed to connect participants of all ages with nature, to learn about sustainability, and foster a sense of stewardship towards our planet.

Unlock the potential of hands-on learning

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need assistance in maintaining an existing garden, our team of experts are here to help communities create vibrant and active learning spaces.

We guide you every step of the way in building a thriving garden.

Grow a thriving garden with our expertise

Our Professional Development & Program Management services are designed to cultivate a deep appreciation for systems found in the natural world.

We help you organize your goals, resources, and team, create your eco program roadmap, and run the program for you.

Invest in the human potential of your site

Education is the foundation for fostering change.

Our mission is to help NYC reach its sustainability goals through educational workshops and hands-on environmental stewardship activities for urban communities.

We provide flexible and curated experiences for schools, community groups, and individuals looking to explore urban environmental education topics.

Our workshops educate and inspire action.

Committed to sustainability in NYC

Through our comprehensive ecology education content, we aim to ignite a passion for preserving natural resources and foster stewardship of our environment.

Established educator in the community

Our 27 year history of educating students and managing programs has helped many organizations fulfill their goals, making us a trusted partner to educational centers across Westchester and NYC.

Here for you while you GROW

 We set you up for success – from a one-time project to ongoing monthly or annual support. We provide expert guidance, tailored to your specific needs across every step of your journey and beyond. 

Solutions that make a difference

Through our tailored Workshops, Garden Planning & Maintenance and Professional Development we help build your capacity to positively impact your neighborhoods.

Beazer's Garden: Committed to NYC, and to You!

Our Program Pillars

A mission for a greener NYC

Our mission is to help New York City achieve its sustainability goals by providing comprehensive education on ecology.

Your goals, our priority

We understand that everyone has unique learning goals in ecology. We Offer Tailored, Flexible Services.

Expert guidance every step of the way

We provide the knowledge and resources necessary to ensure the success of your ecology initiatives.

A comprehensive range of services

Whether you require consultation, program management, learning modules on ecology, or sustainability practices - we have a solution.

Building green spaces together

We provide services in crafting green spaces. Whether it's a school garden transformation or creating an urban oasis.

A commitment to sustainability

Our programs not only educate on gardening techniques but also emphasize the importance of resource conservation and environmental stewardship.

Partner Organizations

What our clients are saying:

Instructors (Ms. B & Ms. H) were wonderful. They made sure everyone was engaged and having a great time. They are very good at what they do.”

Kate B., Program Manager Urban Innovations, NYC

The garden educator (Ms. B) worked with two teachers and 50 students and created a wonderful flower and vegetable garden in our playground!

Donna A., Elementary School Principal, Bronx, NY

Instructors (Ms. K, Ms. V, Ms. Bimwala & Ms. C) were knowledgeable, kind, and friendly. “The workshops were great and being able to take items we made was a plus.

Project: Wellness Workshops for Adults, Bronx, NY

“Exceptional workshops, engaging instruction, and great attention to detail. We were 100% satisfied.”

Project: Community Group Herbal Workshops, NYC

“The instructor (Ms. Victoria) was on time and prepared for each session. They were knowledgeable on the subject and engaging which made the workshop fun. The program was excellent!”

Program Manager: Garden Education Program, Brooklyn

“The genuine warmth, care, and passion the instructors projected. I would highly recommend this workshop and this company.”

Adult Education Program Admin

I had a good time at the workshop. My favorite was the plant one! The plant instructor (Ms. K) was amazing.

Project: Wellness Workshops for Adults, Queens

To see students working and learning in the garden and to see the transformation of an ugly area into a beautiful garden was the best part of this experience.

Middle School Administrator

The instructors (Ms. B & Ms. H) met everyone’s different learning needs and made sure that everyone was having a positive experience. Everyone that took the workshop wanted to do it again.

Program Coordinator- Project: Community Group Workshops, NYC

Partner Organizations

WE LIVE IN AN AMAZING WORLD, Let's Care for it together!

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Trusted by NYC schools and communities, Beazer’s Garden Workshops brings 26 years of experience and expertise to your projects!

Impactful eco-workshops

for a greener planet &

empowered community

Let's Build Green

Spaces Together

Our work provides Urban EE programming to hundreds of kids across NYC!

Your donation supports our STEAM-based, garden and ecology education programming in NYC schools and communities.

When we learn to care for plants and learn how to grow our own food, we develop a sense of connection to the planet, and understand that ALL living things depend on the same resources of air, sun, soil, and water to function.

Kids who learn to garden are 71% more likely to enjoy fresh veggies and fruits throughout their lives and become aware of the interdependence nature of our world! Let’s give them the tools they need to restore, conserve and protect our planet!

Beazer’s Garden Urban Environmental Education Services is a 501c3 nonprofit organization created to empower communities to care for their local environments.

One-Stop Solution

For Your Eco-Program

We understand that managing an environmental education program can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of services all under one roof. From experienced educators and carefully curated curriculum materials to ongoing program support, we have everything you need to make your eco-program a success.

Empowering schools and communities to

embrace sustainability and explore the

beauty of urban ecology.

Quality Programmatic Support:

You Can Rely On

Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your workshops and events are impactful and leave a lasting impression on participants. Beazer’s Garden Workshops assured that your environmental education initiatives are in capable hands.

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